Saturday, 11 May 2013

Reflections With The XZ-1

The more I use the XZ-1 the more I appreciate its' low weight and small size.  Being small the camera doesn't draw attention to itself and you see little reaction from people in the street.  The XZ-1 produces files that are a little noisy but the noise is easily removed leaving files little different from the E-PL1.  In a few years time, this type of camera will fill the needs of most photographers though doubtless not their desires!

With so much glass in Perth buildings, the field is rich with reflections.  The less flat varieties of glass produce some wonderful distortions while the flat type are mirror like.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Using A Wide Angle Lens

My natural preference is to use longer focal lengths but having bought a wide angle zoom quite a while ago I feel the need to use it!  I find the wide angle the most difficult of lenses to use because it "sees" so much.  At its widest my lens is 9mm so 18mm FF equivalent or 100 degrees field of view.  It is quite shocking how far 100 degrees lets you see and it becomes vital to get close to your subject and then scan the corners of the frame to see all the items in view that you wish weren't there.  Composition tends to take a while and small changes in position make large changes to the picture.

So here are few of my efforts from a walk in Perth.