Sunday, 17 February 2013

Abstracts With A 5D II

I had another pleasant walk in Fremantle this morning and took along a Canon 5D II for company.  The lens used was a 24-104 f4, a great walk around lens.  I have seen plenty of files from this camera before but shot very few myself.  As an Olympus user I was curious to see how different the files where when shooting subjects similar to those I have from Olympus equipment.  Needless to say the files are very good; a bit less noise and quite a bit more detail along with the ability to recover blown highlights.  If I had money to spare I would be tempted to have a full frame camera but sadly that is not the case!  So my loan camera must now go back, but we had a pleasant time together.

This first shot is my favourite from the day and it is a scene I have passed many times before but not taken a picture.  Taken later in the day, the sun is high in the sky, the light picking out all the detail in the hull of the submarine.

The next shot is of an access door located in a large shed door.  Here I enjoyed the colours and textures created by age.

Finally a window in one of the sheds, just a shot about geometry and contrasting colours.  I am finding in general, that the less objects in the frame the more I enjoy the composition, less can indeed be more.

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