Thursday, 14 February 2013

Flower Photography

The colours and textures of flowers hold an endless fascination for me.  Capturing bold colours and fine textures at the same time can cause some problems.  The colours tend to saturate wiping out the detail, especially when making adjustments to contrast.  At each stage I tend to wind back the saturation of selected colours to the point that the detail returns.

These pictures where taken with three different cameras as part of my ongoing investigation of my view of what makes a good camera.  The three cameras used where Canon 5d II, Olympus E-3 and Olympus XZ-1.  The Canon was kindly loaned by a friend.  When I compared all the shots I made after editing in PhotoShop, I had difficulty telling which camera took which shot.  Seems to indicate that for good shooting conditions most modern cameras will produce a similar result.

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