Wednesday, 23 January 2013

No Parking

I like to think that every time I go out with my camera, I compose my pictures carefully.  The reality is that this only happens part of the time, especially when wondering around the city.  Something may catch the eye and, before the scene has been assessed properly, the camera is up to the face the shot taken and away we go.  This picture is a case in point.

I was attracted by the variety of shapes and colours but in my haste missed the most important elements, the three left turn arrows and double yellow lines.  A much stronger composition would have resulted if I had used a wider lens and framed to capture those elements.  The shot was made with a telephoto (100mm) but it really needed a broader perspective.  Reluctance to change lens is another lazy habit that reduces the quality of the shot.  Now that I have seen the picture on the screen I will go back to the same spot and see what kind of improvement I can make by exerting myself a little more!

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